Memorial Dolls

Every doll comes snuggled in a premade blanket, 1 crocheted hat in either pink, blue or white unless otherwise requested, and 1 white diaper (crocheted for 22 weeks and under, Pamper’s Preemie for 24 weeks and over), and is made to be as close as possible to your child’s measurements.




I may or may not reopen orders in the future, but at this time I have become overwhelmed with the amount of requests that have come in. I apologize for the closing, but my obligations at home have begun to affect my quality and devotion to this website. I send my deepest sympathy and love to everyone who has visited this page <3.


There are two different kinds of dolls that I offer. My main ones are Weighted Memorial Keepsakes that similarly match your little one’s length and weight, but these can be delicate for young children to handle . For this reason I would also recommend a Sibling Doll that is made without any added weight (pellets) and small parts. Both can be ordered the same way but in separate forms :).


Step 1:Doll size. All dolls lengths and weights are based of a national average. If your baby’s measurements are different from my chart I can customize to your needs.

Click here for the Weighted Doll size chart.

Click here for the Sibling Doll size chart.


Step 2: Patterns. There are so many options for fabric and the options may change if the store I buy from changes inventory. It really depends on what you would like. The only real thing to consider is if your doll is made to a very small size (second trimester for example) large print patterns will be skewed when sewn together. All fabric used is flannel/cotton. I do not use skin-tone fabric.

Click here to view patterns.


Step 3: Accessories.  I also feature some other accessories for your doll such as crocheted booties, bassinets, pacifiers and outfits. If you have any specific colors you would like please include them when requesting.

Click here to view accessories.


Step 4: Consider donating $0.75 for a crocheted hat. On the final question there is a option to donate $0.75 that will be used to crochet a hat matching your baby’s size to be donated to my daughter’s birth hospital or one of my local labor and delivery units in memory of your baby. With the help of this small donation I am able to provide yarn for hats big and small alike.


Step 5: Request form.  Take all the info you have from the previous steps and fill out my order request form, and I will email you shortly after for a consultation :).

Click here for the Weighted Doll request form.

Click here for the Sibling Doll request form.




*I will not replace any dolls that have been mishandled or damaged during cleaning. If for any reason there is a problem with your doll I will repair minor issues (example: thread splitting or stuffing coming out of seam) within 30 days of purchase, for only the price of return shipping. In the event that one of these damages occur please take pictures of the problem and send them to me so I can evaluate the issue. There are no refunds of any custom-made dolls sold and all sales are final.*

 *All dolls are made with Sandy Eding’s “Preemie Doll Pattern” as a GUIDE but altered to my own style.*