These are some of the testimonials that have been sent in to me. My heart swells so much when I am told how my work has helped someone feel comfort. I love hearing from everyone and I care so much about each and every family I work with <3.



“The day I opened my box and held my Kaitlin Angel Doll…it was a flooding a memories that hit me. Holding the doll was JUST like holding my Kaitlin during her last moments on earth…it was amazing. The workmanship in the dolls area beautiful and I hope every angel mom who needs/wants one can someday purchase one…cause they are amazing. Great Work!”

Satisfied Bereaved Mom

“I was so excited to receive my little Noah angel doll. I took him out of the box and could not believe how much it felt like holding my Noah. From the movable arms and legs to the adorable little ears that I love. When I am having one of my really bad days and missing my little Noah like crazy I now can hold my little angel doll and have some comfort when all I can think about is the ache of not being able to hold my Noah. Thank you so much Katariina for helping so many of us by what your doing.”
Rhonda Herren
Angel Mommy

“I don’t actually have my dolls yet, but Katariina has just sent me pictures of the dolls she has made in memory of my angels Kyle and Evie. They are amazing and just looking at the pictures of them together bring me an amazing feeling of peace. I cant wait to hold them in my arms.”
Angel Mummy

“I have a 6 inch Angel in my Arms for my daughter Hunter Grace who heart stopped at 17 weeks. She is perfect and made beautifully made. <3 <3” 
Alisha Jones

“I love that Angel in my Arms customizes your special doll exactly to what reminds you of your angel. I greatly appreciated the range of options to select from for the material – it allows for the angel mom to decide what connects most with her. Katariina is also amazing at being able to make the dolls to the exact size and weight at which your angel was born. I had an early miscarriage, but she created a doll for me at a 28 week size so that I can finally hold my angel. Nothing compared to the feeling I got when I finally held my precious Angel in ‘my’ arms. Thank you, Katariina for what you do.”
Angel Mommy – Happy Customer

“I love my Hunter doll. Just as perfect as my precious angel. I can’t thank you enough! Such beautiful work xxxx” 
Sarah Milligan
Angel Mum


If you would like to send me your testimonial you are welcome to contact me! Any pictures are also welcome if you would like me to share here :).