I offer a wide variety of fleece and cotton fabrics to choose from. The long list may be intimidating at first, but because I know every child is different in my heart I cannot set a limit on what fabrics I can offer :). If there is a design that is not listed here that you would like I am always open to finding fabric on Ebay and Etsy (as well as other websites and fabrics you would like to send me). The only fabric that I do not use is skin tone.


A1-0 A2-0 A3-0 A4-0 A5-0 A6-0 A7-0 A8-0 A9-1 A10-0 A4-example


B1-0A B2-2 B3-1 B4-0 B5-1 B6-3 B7-1B8-3 B9-0 B10-2 B9-example


C1-2 C2-1 C3-2 C4-0 C5-2 C6-1 C7-1 C8-2 C9-0 C10-0 C8-example


D1-0 D2-0 D3-0 D4-0 D5-2 D6-2 D7-2 D8-0 D9-2 D10-1 D9-example


E1-1 E2-0 E3-1 E4-1 E5-2 E6-2 E7-0 E8-1 E9-1 E10-2 E9-example

Donated Fabric


This Winnie the Pooh fabric has been donated in memory of the Regner angels <3. This fabric is only available for a limited time until supply runs out. Thank you so much for donating!


This fabric was donated by Michele Spalding in memory of baby Ella <3.


Would you like to donate flannel, cotton or fleece material? Feel free to contact me and I’d be happy to use it to continue to provide new material and free blankets!

Size Examples

With dolls that are very small, 20 weeks and under, some patterns may have designs that are too large to see clearly once I cut the pattern. Please keep in mind that the smaller the doll is, the smaller the design should be :). Here are a few examples of one pattern shown on multiple sized dolls.