General Information

About Dolls

  • These dolls are meant specifically for bereaved mothers/fathers/family members.
  • I can only make between 13 weeks and 42 weeks. For quality purposes any doll smaller than 13 weeks will be very hard to sew at the moment.
  • Dolls that are under 18 weeks have no thumbs.
  • I only use decorative flannel/cotton fabrics.
  • I buy the fabric at my local craft store and as their inventory changes, so will my options.
  • There are no portrait faces on these dolls.
  • All dolls are filled with plastic and metal pellets to similarly match your child’s weight.
  • All dolls have mobile arms and legs, and a floppy head to mimic that of a real preemie baby.
  • Please handle weighted dolls with care as you would a small child. Support the head and do not hold by just an arm or leg, as the joints are delicate.
  • All dolls are not exactly the same, as they are 100% hand-made.
  • All orders come with a complimentary crocheted hat, diaper and premade blanket free of charge.
  • Every doll I make is loved and cared for :).
  • The weighted dolls are NOT toys for children to play with (CONTAINS SMALL PARTS). Sibling dolls are child-friendly.

Wait Time

  • My wait time has become pretty long due to not having a computer to keep up from July 2013 to June 2014. Now that I am back up and running on  a desktop I can keep better track of everyone! I will not specify a time frame any longer, so instead you can watch the new public waiting list for your name to reach the top :).
  • As I get closer to your request I will message you to confirm the details of your order before sending an invoice.
  • I am the only person who makes these dolls :). Your patience is appreciated!


  • After our consultation, I will send an invoice through Paypal to your e-mail address.
  • You do not have to have a Paypal account to pay or receive invoices, you can also pay as a guest with a debit or credit card :).
  • I currently cannot do payment plans.
  • Please contact me if you have any questions regarding currency conversions.


  • All packages will be sent by United States Postal Service.
  • Most US packages will be sent in a Priority Mail 7″ x 7″ box for smaller sizes, or Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box (Dimentions 11″ x 8-1/2″ x 5-1/2″), or a Ready Post 8″x8″ box for some international orders.
  • USPS shipping within the US is approximately 2-4 business days once delivery has started.
  • International shipments are packaged the same as US. Please contact me about shipping prices.

Cleaning Your Doll

  • Spot clean only!
  • Use small amount of WARM water and MILD detergent.
  • DO NOT submerge in water as metal pellets and joints can rust.
  • Air dry only.
  • All dolls are 100% hand-made, so please take some care when handling and cleaning.
  • I will not replace any doll that has been damaged during cleaning.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take you to make a doll from start to finish?

– Typically with most orders, including crocheting, it takes me two to three full days (with breaks) to complete. It may not take me long to make one doll but when combining orders throughout the week it may take 7-21 days for me to ship yours out. This time might be a little longer depending on life events that may take me away from my work. I am the only person making these after all :).

Do you match the weight and length of my baby exactly?

– I do try to get as close as possible to the measurements I’m given. Depending on the size and type of fabric I may be just a tiny bit off (in centimeters or ounces) but for the most part I am right on target!

Can I supply my own fabric?

– I can definitely use your own fabrics or special fabrics if you’d like me to, as long as you are very certain that it is okay for me to cut the fabric and send the left overs back to you. I can only use flannel and cotton fabrics, and it cannot be stretchy (or the doll will droop and change shape). Please ask me in advance about using your own material so I can tell you how much will be needed.

Please note though that for personal reasons I will not use their most special blankets from the hospital or their resting because I feel they are just too special to cut into, and at a later time you may wish they stayed intact. I hope you will understand <3.

What is the material inside of the dolls?

– I use a mix between soft plastic doll pellets and metal BB’s to add weight to them, and in other parts such as hands/feet/arms/legs I use polyester fiberfill stuffing. In the Sibling Dolls I only use the fiberfill and no pellets.

How often do you ship out orders?

– At the moment I do shipping drop offs every other Friday or Saturday.

Can you add a specific scent or perfume?

– This may be an option in the future!

Do you make dolls to reflect on surviving preemie babies?

– Unfortunately I cannot bring myself to do this. I am so very happy for every baby who survives and is happy and healthy, but I am making my dolls to memorialize children who are no longer with us. If you would like I could send you links to other places who could do this for you :).

I will however make an exception to this when it comes to surviving twins and multiples, so that parents can envision their children together at the time of birth or passing <3.


Do you have any other questions that you would like to ask me and have published? Feel free to contact me!