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Little sister Emily was born!

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I forgot to update this, but on September 28th, 2014, our rainbow baby girl was born at 37 weeks exactly and 6 lbs. 5 ounces. She spent 5 nights in the NICU due to jaundice and slight fluid in the lungs due to my c-section, but I am beyond thankful that she is here safe and sound! I have discovered that she is a very “high needs” baby though, so juggling family time and working on my dolls has proven to be a bit of a challenge. With that said, I am still determined to work my way through orders!

If you would like to read our rainbow’s story, from the beginning to delivery, here is my blog:

Evelyn’s Little Sister

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I am currently nearly 9 months pregnant with Evelyn’s baby sister Emily, who with the help of a preventative cervical cerclage, weekly progesterone shots, and a fantastic perinatal team is doing very well. Due to being so close to my c-section date and knowing all too well that labor can start at any time in pregnancy, I’m starting my break now so that I don’t leave anyone hanging if I deliver early. Once I get into my new routine after her delivery (which may take a little while) I will gladly open orders back up :). Please feel free to check my Facebook page for updates.

New – Public Waiting List

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I’ve finally been able to get back up and running on a desktop computer since my old one’s hard drive crashed last Summer. Since then I was mostly using my slightly out-dated cell phone to keep up with emails and orders. To my surprise when I went through and transferred my Gmail emails to Microsoft Outlook there were a LOT of orders marked as spam and hidden in Gmail’s tabs! I’m a bit upset with how many people were swept up in there so with this public list I hope it will be much easier for people to keep track of their orders along with me!

Public Waiting List

New – Healing Arms Program

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New – Healing Arms Program

I have just put together a new program to help families who are unable to afford a doll connect with people who wish to help. If you would like you add your name to the list or are interested in purchasing for a person on the list, please head over to this page :).

Healing Arms Program

For Evelyn May – March For Babies

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For Evelyn May – March For Babies

My family and I are going to do our very first walk for the March of Dimes in memory of my little girl. So far since January 15th we have raised $1,870! And we are one of the top donating teams in our city at the moment! This walk is going to be held just two days before Evelyn’s first birthday and this is our way of celebrating her short but powerful 38 days of life. If you would like to donate to our walk here is a link to find out more as well as watch our progress.

For Evelyn May – March For Babies

One of my favorite quotes.

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One of my favorite quotes.

I couldn’t find the original picture that I discovered this quote on, so I made my own <3.

New website!

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I’m very excited to be launching my own .com website! A lot of changes have been made to a few areas, including a completely new patterns page (with new options). Please explore a bit and share this page if you’d like :).