Accessories That Come with Your Doll

Each doll comes with 1 crocheted hat, 1 premade blanket, and 1 diaper free of charge.


Included in all orders. I use either a baby pink, baby blue, or white hat unless otherwise requested.

Available colors: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, baby pink, baby blue, white and black.


I wrap every doll in a fleece or flannel blanket before I send them home. The blankets are not of a set design, whatever I have on hand that is similar to your doll’s color scheme will be what I can use. If you’ve requested a specific fabric that I have ordered for your doll I may make a matching blanket from that material for you :).


If your doll is 22 weeks and under I will crochet 1 white diaper to fit. If you would like a different color please ask.


If your doll is 24 weeks and above I will include 1 preemie Pamper’s diaper.


Accessories You Can Purchase


Your choice of solid colors, or mix of two colors (like the middle example). Additional designs (such as a rainbow) may be an additional $2-5 due to the amount of yarn used.

Extra Small (13-16 weeks) $5
Small (18-22 weeks): $10
Medium (24-30 weeks): $15
Large (32-38 weeks): $20


Small (13-22 weeks): $2
Medium (24-30 weeks): $4
Large (32-38 weeks): $6


Your choice of removable dress, shirt or onesie in solid colors or limited mix of colors.

Extra Small (13-16 weeks): $2.50
Small (18-22 weeks): $5
Medium (24-30 weeks): $10
Large (32-38 weeks): $15


If you request a special hat (example: animal design or rainbow) or outfit (example: multiple colors) please include in your request form your idea and I may be able to make it for you :). Free of charge unless it is a complicated design requiring more yarn than usual then possible $2 charge.


These are small magnets placed behind the mouth and another in either a crocheted pacifier or the thumb/hand. The pacifiers are detachable and the thumbs can be moved away from the face and attach back at any time.

$5 if added to order.

**Can only fit 22 weeks and up.

**Cannot be added to finished dolls.