About My dolls

My name is Katariina and I am the creator of Angel In My Arms Dolls. My dolls are meant to help bereaved families of angel babies gone too soon. There is nothing more heart breaking than when a family loses a child. I am one of those mothers who knows all too well the ache in my heart after losing my beautiful daughter Evelyn May. She was and forever will be my inspiration to help others. After losing her my life has gone through an incredible change, not only in terms of grief, but in purpose.


My hand-made flannel stuffed dolls come with mobile arms and limbs to similarly match your child’s gestational size and weight, with decorative patterns to bring comfort to you. If you know their length and weight and it does not match the average size for that gestation I will gladly make your order as close as I can to suit your needs.

My goal is to give back to the mothers, fathers, grandparents and family members who did not have the opportunity to hold their precious angel, or those who just wish to hold their baby’s likeness again. Since making my doll in memory of my little girl, I have found that my heart doesn’t feel so heavy when I’m missing her. Just to be able to hold her likeness, when I didn’t have much time holding her on the day she passed, makes me feel close to her again.

To all of you strong mothers and fathers who have gone through such a tragic experience I wish to give you some hope and love to help you heal. The pain of losing a child will never truly go away, but no parent should ever be without their angel in their arms. 

More About My Dolls

  • These dolls are meant specifically for bereaved families to have a memorial doll made of their child(ren) with their height and weight as well as gestational age used as reference.
  • My dolls are hand-made out of decorative baby flannel/cotton fabric and stuffed with both plastic and metal pellets to closely match your child’s weight. Although depending on the size of the doll it may not be 100% weight/height accurate.
  • I can make anywhere from 13 weeks to 42 weeks currently.
  • Arms and legs are mobile at the joints.
  • All dolls 24 weeks and over will come with a Pamper’s Preemie diaper, dolls smaller than 22 weeks will come with a crocheted while diaper (unless other color is requested).
  • All dolls come with 1 hat, 1 diaper and 1 blanket free of charge.
  • These dolls are NOT TOYS. Not for children, as they contain small parts and are somewhat fragile. Please see my sibling dolls page for a child-friendly version.
  • For cleaning: Spot clean ONLY with a little warm water and MILD detergent. Air dry. DO NOT submerge in water as the metal pellets inside can rust.

All dolls are made with Sandy Eding’s “Preemie Doll Pattern” as a GUIDE but altered to my own style.